Maine Maple Weekend

In Maine the fourth weekend in March is always "Maine Maple Weekend." This is a 2-day event when members of the Maine Maple Producers Association [MMPA] such as Eureka Farms, open their sugarhouses to the public for a day of seeing the process of making maple syrup up close. It is a free event and very well attended at sugarhouses all across the great State of Maine.

maine maple sunday02The main attraction at our Maine Maple Sunday is of course our wood fired evaporator. It goes all day, boiling the sap into syrup. The hood opens so visitors can view the sap boiling into syrup.

Another staple at Eureka Farms on Maine Maple Sunday is Gifford's vanilla ice cream. We provide free samples of the delicious ice cream with warm maple syrup drizzled on top. There is also a team of draft horses or a tractor giving sleigh or wagon rides weather permitting.

Of course all of our delicious products are available for purchase and some are available for sampling.

maine maple sunday01In 2015 we had our extended family Susan Riley of Riley's Market who gave demonstrations of making wooden bowls using wood from our farm on her lathe. Her beautiful products, which were not limited to just bowls were also for sale. Not only are we a family orientated business here at Eureka Farms but we’re community minded as well. We have food concessions available so visitors can purchase refreshments while they are here at Eureka Farms. 

maine maple sunday06In the years to come we hope to continue to expand upon your experience here at Eureka Farms both in the educational department and the fun.

Maine Maple Sunday at Eureka Farms is a great time for the entire family and it's made possible by the generous donation of time by our army of volunteers which is all friends and family.




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